The Truth about the Sugar
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It seems like more than ever that sugar is on the attack again. Not that it is attacking something, but that all of the health nuts are back declaring the evils of sugar intake. It seems that sugar is always blamed for the health problems that people are suffering from, especially such things as obesity. While this may seem like a natural cause and effect the reality is that to blame sugar as the evil menace causing so many health issues is just not accurate at all.

First of all, the reality is that we all need sugar to be able to survive. Sugar is one of the main sources of energy that the body uses to conduct the thousands of processes that it must perform every day. This makes it an essential portion of any diet.

However, the issue arises with those who overdo their sugar intake. What many scientists and psychiatrists have discovered is that the body has a powerful preference for the taste of sweet over any other kind of taste. This is not just a psychological or emotional issue, but is something that seems to be ingrained in our DNA that makes us desire sweet things so much. As Dr. Marcia Pelchat explains, “We’re born to like sugar.”

In many studies it has been discovered that even infants prefer the sweet taste over any other kind. Other studies have shown that when babies are suffering and are given a sweet solution to drink the pain that they are suffering from will naturally disappear. What this tells scientists is that sugars cause chemicals in the body to be released that decrease the amount of suffering a person is enduring.

For many, they transfer this effect to the emotional challenges they are facing as well. When they are suffering through bouts of depression or anxiety many have found that the solution to their problem is to eat or drink something high in sugar content. For these people sugar becomes the remedy to resolve their problems, and if the problems persist they will continually eat sugary things to feel better.

It is issues like this that are causing sugar to get such a bad rap. So many believe that it is the sugar that is the cause of such things as obesity, when in reality it is the persons craving to feel better that is really the culprit behind the over intake of sugar.

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