Five of the Most Exotic Dogs Around
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They aren’t called man’s best friend for no reason. People love dogs, especially some of the more unusual breeds that are around. There is a great love for the exotic dog, even if some do look really unusual. Here are some of the more well-known exotic dogs that people love to own or see.


It is surprising that people would love a dog that looked like a gigantic mop, but this is how this canine looks. With a very thick coat that looks a lot more like cord strands, these strands reach all the way to the ground. This breed is commonly used as a guard dog, especially for flocks of sheep, but it is not a herder. The Komondor is a very calm dog, and many find it to be the ideal pet for their home, that is if they don’t mind shedding.

Chinese Shar-Pei

This ancient dog from China is well-known because of the numerous wrinkles and folds of skin that are all over its body. They have very rough, short hairs in their fur, and an unusual black tongue. These are very odd dogs to say the least, but many think that they are very cute. The problem with the Shar-Pei is that they have a very short fuse, so you have to very careful when handling them.

Ibizan Hound

This ultra-skinny hunting dog is not only distinguished by its slim trim body, but also by the long and narrow snout it has. They are very friendly dogs that are very alert yet manage to stay calm. To maintain their shape, they require a lot of exercise and failure to do so puts a lot of undue strain on their bodies. 

Chinese Crested

Another exotic dog form China, this is a hairless dog except in the lower parts of its extremities, its tail and head. The hair on its head is shaped like a ponytail and the hair around its paws looks very much like it is wearing socks. This is a very fun and playful dog that most owners will love. 

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Contrary to what the name sounds like, this is not some kind of beautiful flower. Instead it is an amazing looking dog that can both have hair or be hairless. They have an usual spot on the top of their heads that is commonly referred to as the “kiss spot,” and their skin can actually come in many different colors. These are incredibly devoted dogs that are not friendly to strangers, instead choosing to be very guarded of the ones that own them.


© Copyright Article by Business Bees Team

© Copyright Article by Business Bees Team
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